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You’ll feel confident relying on Ostrander Financial Group, LLC for expert tax advice and tax return preparation.

We’ve made a commitment to continuing education so you can be assured we comply with all the latest tax laws. Trying to stay abreast of ever-changing tax laws can be a headache. So let our trusted tax advisors guide you as you make decisions that impact your tax liability.

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Tax planning

We’ll help you take advantage of the tax deductions and tax credits available to you — so you can minimize your tax obligation.

Tax return preparation

You’re assured we’ll prepare your tax return accurately because we continually upgrade our powerful tax software to comply with current laws.

Electronic filing

You’ll receive your tax refunds faster than ever with electronic filing. And we can make it even easier by doing it for you!

Tax reduction strategies

You’ll learn tax-efficient strategies and the timing to implement them … to potentially reduce your year-end taxes.

Tax estimates

We’ll help you keep track of your income and expenses and be able to submit accurate quarterly tax estimates on time.

Why go through the hassles of tax preparation by yourself? Just leave it to the experts at Ostrander Financial Group, LLC. Please contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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